Legal Counsel, Advocacy and Representation

At Athena Legal Strategies Group, your company’s business decisions, operational processes and organizational protocol are analyzed through an employment law prism to ensure sufficient legal safeguards are in place to minimize employment-based challenges that arise in the workplace. We collaborate with your general counsel, in-house counsel and human resources staff to integrate your legal team into your business decisions as we assist you to navigate varied and complex business and personnel matters, implement appropriate employee management decisions, conduct internal investigations and develop effective risk mitigation measures specific to your organization.

In addition to engaging strategic preventative measures, we represent and defend employers and corporations in employment litigation matters, including discrimination, harassment and other employment-related claims. We conduct management seminars and prevention training sessions to discuss the potential business impact and legal implications of employment-based issues that occur in the workplace. As your business and legal strategist, Athena Legal Strategies Group assists your company’s leadership to manage, negotiate and enhance personnel relationships in order to create effective, positive operating conditions for your employees, which, in turn, benefits your organization as a whole.