External General Counsel

Because companies face complex issues, leading a corporation and positioning it for growth requires a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of the business, legal and strategic activities of an organization. As your external general counsel and business advisor, Athena Legal Strategies Group has the knowledge, experience and keen insight to anticipate business challenges, evaluate risk and oversee the day-to-day business operations and legal needs of your company. We will lead, advise and guide the board of directors and corporate leadership teams to execute sound, informed business decisions on matters related to governance, strategic development and planning, sensitive employment matters, internal investigations, post-merger or acquisition workforce integration, compliance, leadership development, succession planning, claim resolution and risk management and mitigation to support your company’s growth.

For companies that have existing in-house counsel, with Athena Legal Strategies Group as your external general counsel, we will complement your internal team by creating a collaborative environment to comprehensively assess the impact a business decision, proposed plan of action or contemplated strategic initiative may have on a department, business unit or division of the company. Together, we will work with your legal and human resources departments to approach each matter from a business as well as a legal perspective to ensure the leadership team is optimally poised to strategically advance the company.