Internal Investigations

Most companies will, at some point, experience an employee relations issue that requires the internal investigation of a workplace matter. A well executed investigation can help identify and implement systems and processes that improve business performance. A poorly executed investigation can, however, result in significant exposure for your company or organization.

At Athena Legal Strategies Group, we understand the importance of managing and maintaining the neutrality, credibility and integrity of the investigatory process. Although a matter may initially come to the attention of a supervisor or human resources, they may not necessarily be the best people to conduct the investigation. Rather, it may be strategically advantageous for your company or external law firm to engage Athena Legal Strategies Group to lead your investigation, particularly if the issues are complex, a conflict of interest exists, or the matter involves senior level or executive misconduct.

If a matter will be handled internally by your company, Athena Legal Strategies Group will provide the guidance, oversight and direction needed for your human resources manager or in-house counsel to conduct an effective internal investigation, while striking a balance between the need to gather relevant information, diffuse negative publicity and mitigate potential liability.